The mission of The Department of Afro-American Research Arts and Culture is to identify the global significance of the creative contributions pioneered by an international diaspora of Afro-Americans.


The Department of Afro-American Research, Arts, and Culture (DAARAC) is a nonprofit research and preservation based organization that was incorporated on April 4th 2019, which focuses on the historical and present aestheticism of Black Cinema. We look to enlighten those in search for information as it pertains to the cultural aspects of Black arts and culture around the world. Our website covers the Race Film Era (Black independent films of the 1920s to mid 1950s), Civil Rights Era, Blaxploitation Era, New Jack/Hip-Hop Era, and Modern Black Cinema. Throughout the site you will find a lot of information on Black Cinema over the last century. There are many sub-genres and categories listed that will make the experience here very fruitful for all those that enjoy Black Cinema.

Our affiliate and sister website, The Museum of Black Cult Cinema is highly focused on the 60s, 70s, and 80s of Black Cinema. Our sister site is geared towards research and discovery of these films during this period and where to buy them in their best quality.

Visit the Museum of Black Cult Cinema for additional information and digital media.