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Friday, May 5, 2017

Super Dude [a.k.a. The Hang Up] (1974)


A young prostitute overdose on drugs and narcotics Detective Ken Ramsey (William Elliott) begins to investigate her death. Ramsey's department finds out that the young prostitute is friends with Julie (Mark Bey), in which Ramsey must figure out who is distributing the drugs. However, a romantic relationship evolves between Ramsey and Julie even though he knows that she struggles with a bad drug habit. Julie directs Ken to a wicked dealer name Fred Richards (Michael Lerner), but Ken finds out that Julie's involvement with Richards was more than just narcotics.


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Funny coincidence, we are actually working on this one for the next issue of our magazine. Enjoy the soundtrack of the movie here =

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Where Can This Movie Be Purchased?

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