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Friday, May 5, 2017

Super Dude [a.k.a. The Hang Up] (1974, Lost Film)

Film stilsl are courtesy of the Museum of Black Cult Cinema. Please visit site for more info and pictures about "Super Dude".


A rookie cop on the undercover narcotic squad falls for the junkie who can help him nab a ruthless pusher/killer.

This film is on the endangered list of Blaxploitation films. After extensive research by the DAARAC team and affiliate site, The Museum of Black Cult Cinema, we have found the original reels are located at the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA). This give us a possibility of the film being released on DVD or BLu-ray. Warner Brothers holds the rights to this film.


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Funny coincidence, we are actually working on this one for the next issue of our magazine. Enjoy the soundtrack of the movie here =

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