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Monday, November 14, 2016

Heat Wave (1990, TV Movie)


On August 11, 1965, a routine traffic stop on a hot summer night sparks years of pent-up frustration within Los Angeles' African American community into a race riot that shocks the United States as it rages out of control for days. In this true story, when the all-white staff of main newspaper in the city, The Los Angeles Times, cannot get into work, a young, Black trainee Robert Richardson writes a series of Pulitzer prize-winning articles covering the riots. But as Richardson witnesses the excessive violence used by the police and national guard, he is torn between the impartiality required of a reporter and his need to rage against injustice.


mary neely said...

I have just discovered this website & I'm so glad that I did it is so informative I will be visiting it quite often!!!!!!

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