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Monday, October 3, 2016

The Realization of a Negro's Ambition (1916) [Lost Film]

The  Oregon  Daily  Journal  (Port land,  Mult nomah,   Oregon)  ·     6  Aug  1916,   Sun  ·     Page  32

The  Bost on  Globe  (Bost on,   Suf f olk,  Massachuset t s,   Unit ed  St at es  of   America)  ·     2  Jul  1916,   Sun  ·     Page  48

The  New  York  Age  (New  York,   New  York,   New  York)  ·     10  Aug  1916,   Thu  ·     Page  6

Salt   Lake  Telegram  (Salt   Lake  Cit y,   Ut ah,   Unit ed  St at es  of   America)  ·     12  Jul  1916,  Wed  ·     Page  11


Lincoln Motion Picture Company. James Burton, a young Negro graduate from Tuskegee, as a civil engineer finds no satifaction working on his father's farm and heads west. Unable to find a job because of his color, he is despondent. He chances upon a runaway two-horse rig and risks his life to stop it. Unknowingly, he saved the daughter of an oil company owner. Out of gratitude he's given a job as head of oil expeditions. He convinces the owner to let him drill on his father's farm and surrounding farms. After a round of trickery and romance he strikes oil and is soon wealthy. He buys a home and gets married. The last scene shows James in later years, with ambition realized: home and family, a nice country to live and nice people to live by and enjoy it with him. 


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