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Monday, September 5, 2016

Scouts Honor (1980)


Mrs. Bartlett gets pressured by her boss to become a Den Mother for a Cub group. Joey is one of her cubs - but tends to annoy her. However, Joey is also the most eager and attentive of her cubs and his skills come in handy. 


Pammy Brown said...

Thank You for bringing the Race Films to everyone's attention, I was able to find some of those movies at Amazon, Thanks so much, I really wished I could get ALL of them!!

Pammy Brown said...

I absolutely LOVE BlaxploitationPride.Org so much, I am in it ALL THE TIME!!! We appreciate all your work on this site, please don't stop! Because of this site, I've found most of these movies online to own, and I am so excited because most of them, I have never heard of. If anyone is interested on where to find a lot of the Blaxploitation Movies, you can find a lot on a website called or Amazon, as well as Ebay! Good Luck to all who's interested in Blaxploitation Movies and Race Films!

Dizzle Man said...

You're very welcome, Pam! I am glad that you are find the site very helpful. I will most definitely keep the post coming!

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