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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Two Knights of Vaudeville (1915)


Two African-American men find three tickets to a talent show. Instead of returning the tickets to the person that dropped them, they decided to go to the show accompanied with a female friend. While watching the show, they are entertained by the talented actors, but their shenanigans gets them kicked out of the theater. Inspired by the talent of the actors from the show they were kicked out of, they decided to start their own talent show. But there is a problem...they're not very talented.  

This film was restored by Kino Lorber which was archived in the Library of Congress and released in a 5 disc box set: Pioneers of African American Cinema.


Mickey Bitsko said...

A few weeks ago, the Turner Classic Movie channel dedicated an evening to the "Pioneers of African American Cinema" dvd set, including this bizarre little film, which I have to say I enjoyed a lot as it avoided many of the stereotypes of the time, though not all, of course.

Keep up the great work.

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