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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Scar of Shame (1927)


The film is a drama. Louise is beaten by her drunken father, and Alvin, a proper music student, comes to her aid. They fall in love with each other and find few months of married happiness. Spike, a crony of Louise's father, lusts after Louise and makes plans to destroy her marriage. He sends Alvin a telegram (purportedly from his ailing mother) knowing that Alvin will return home. Louise wants to go with him, but Alvin is ashamed of her low birth and goes without her. Deeply hurt, Louise agrees to run off with Spike. Alvin returns unexpectedly and accidentally wounds Louise in a gun battle with Spike. Alvin is sent to jail, and Louise leaves with Spike becoming a singer in a cabaret. Alvin breaks out of jail and begins a new life as a piano teacher and falls in love with Alice Hathaway, one of his students. Alice's father is having an affair with Louise, and Alvin eventually meets up with her. She asks him to come back, but he refuses. She kills herself, and Alvin explains his past to the Hathaways, who forgive him.


Victoria said...

You've provided a great compilation of films. This was a very interesting film in particular, I also came across, which explored powerful themes in the community. Everyone gave a good performance and the direction was excellent. My favorite part of "The Scar of Shame" is Lucia Lynn's fantastic performance! It was such a shame she only did one film...she proved with this movie that she had loads of talent and screen presence.

Love your site!!

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