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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Gifted (1993)


  • Ed Cambridge
  • Bianca Ferguson
  • Julie Hampton
Psychic descendents of an African tribe reunite to save Earth. 5000 years ago certain members of the Dogon tribe in West Africa were granted psychic powers by good aliens to counterbalance the effects of Ogo, a bad alien intent on taking over Earth and killing all life to remake the planet for his own purposes. Descendents of the tribe who inherit the psychic powers are given an ancient book to read and pass on. Every 32 years, in connection with the orbiting of the star Sirius B, Ogo returns to kill a few more of the psychics in his ongoing bid for power. In this way, a Southern black community that was founded by a Dogon slave has experienced mysterious deaths among those citizens who have learned to not talk about their abilities to see auras, travel astrally, and move objects with their minds. Ogo killed the parents of one particularly psychic family and is returning 32 years later to attack the two brothers and their sister. But this time, the last remaining Dogon shaman has come from Africa to find his relatives, and with his anonymous psychic help, plus instructions from the book, the family is able to finally defeat Ogo.


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