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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jericho (1937)

  • Paul Robeson
  • Henry Wilcoxon
  • Wallace Ford
During the Great War, a Negro corporal, Jericho Jackson, disobeys an order and saves crewmen trapped below deck after an attack. A sergeant dies in the incident; Jackson is court-martialed and sentenced to death. He bolts, and his captain unjustly gets a five-year sentence for aiding his escape; the captain vows to bring Jackson to justice. Meanwhile, Jackson has stolen a boat and sailed from Bordeaux to Morocco where his skills as a physician give him a new lease on life. He becomes a chief responsible for negotiating peace among tribes and leading the annual great salt caravan. A confrontation with his old captain is, however, unavoidable. Can there be justice?


Anonymous said...

Awesome movie! Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

A Diva's Christmas Carol's+christmas+carol?tab=summary

This Christmas

The Kid Who Loved Christmas (1990)

SelfScience said...

I got The Kid Who Loved Christmas. I will put it up soon. Thanks

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