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Friday, December 14, 2012

Island In The Sun (1957)


It's 1957 on the tropical island of Santa Marta, where a charismatic new black leader (Harry Belafonte) threatens to unseat British rule. No less than four scandalous love affairs intertwine to affect his wealthy, ambitious rival, Maxwell Fleury (James Mason). Filled with murderous rage over his wife's infidelity, Fleury also possesses a secret heritage that could make or break his political career. Meanwhile, his equally opportunistic sister (Joan Collins) attempts to entrap an English lord (Stephen Boyd) into marriage.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your continuous updates!
I'm looking for this anyone-
BRIGHT ROAD 1953 starring Dorothy Dandrige and Harry Belafonte.



SelfScience said...

Yes, this will be up very soon. Hopefully this evening or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!!

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