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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Classified X (1998)

  • Melvin Van Peebles
Melvin Van Peebles is never short on opinions. I'd find it a lot easier to accept them if he weren't responsible for the vastly overrated Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song (forgive me if I omitted any 'a's or 's's from the title) and cinematic atrocities such as the racist, sexist, and plain awful Identity Crisis. Nonetheless, this is a fascinating and frequently dead on documentary about Hollywood's treatment of African American filmmakers.


Lupine Assassin said...

You found it! Awesome! :D

Anonymous said...

Paris Blues 1961

Black Like Me 1964

Anonymous said...

Frogs - Full Movie / Horror 1972 (Sam Elliot)


Anonymous said...

This doc had such a big impact on how i view media. Its cool that you're sharing it and hopefully it does the same for someone else. Its unfortunate that Melvin doesn't get his proper respect.

Anonymous said...

problem with "file"

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