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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brother On The Run (1973)


Billy (Kyle Johnson) and his friend rob an electronics store and accidentally shoots the shopkeeper. While fleeing the scene, Billy's friend is shot by the police and the two retreat to Billy's sister's (Gwen Mitchell) apartment and runs into Professor Grant (Terry Carter). With the police in hot pursuit, Billy is the "Brother on the Run."


Anonymous said...

Diamonds 1975 Movie

Other possible movies to post for the viewers and fans of this site

Fame 1980
Stomp the Yard 2007
You Got Served 2004


Jean said...

Wonderful update, many thanks Self-Science & Lupine!!

Thanks also anonymous, Diamonds on your link is in very fine quality (better than my french vhs tape)


Self-Science said...

Thanks Anonymous for Diamonds.

Hi Jean, Glad to hear from you my friend. Hope all is well. If you have any questions you know you can always email me. There has been a lot of updates since the last time we spoke.

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