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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue Hill Avenue (2001)

  • Allen Payne
  • Angelle Brooks
  • Michael Taliferro
I believe that there is an industry-wide conspiracy to deny theatrical access for independent films, particularly those with multi-cultural casts and themes. Blue Hill Ave. reinforces this suspicion in my mind. Of course, I've seen better movies, but I've certainly seen much worse movies in theatrical release and I cannot believe that Blue Hill Ave. could not merit at least a moderate theatrical release on about 500 screens. I would have certainly paid $8 to see this film rather than to see "Soul Plane", "You Got Served", "Baby's Daddy", etc. Perhaps the Justice Dept. needs to step up their investigation into the anti-competitive practices of the mega conglomerate-owned film production and distribution entities. This was supposed to have been resolved in U.S. v Patamount back in 1948! Anyway, I digress. I though Craig Ross, Jr. and his cast and crew did an exceptional job with this film, especially on such a low budget!

If films like Cappuccino (an earlier quality film from this same writer/director) and Blue Hill Ave. can't make it to theaters and the previously mentioned vapid works are able to, why should intelligent Black folks pay $8. at the theater? I hope Mr. Ross' investors were able to profit on this one!


anthony cofield said...

Kool Post Bro. Do You have B.A.p.S. And BUTTA Aka Never too Big? With Nia Long?

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