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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vicente 'Tito' Sotto - T.N.T. Jackson (1975)

01. Main Title Theme
02. Fight 1
03. Fight 2
04. Loungin'
05. Drug Deal
06. You Want It Black, You Got It Black
07. Fight 3
08. Blax-Fu Battle
09. Final T.N.T Jackson Blax-Fu Symphony
Here is a treat for the BP community. I extracted some killer shots from T.N.T Jackson. Well there is little to no info of this soundtrack being released, but doing some digging I came across who produced the music from the movie. The wiki page says Tito Sotto produced the music and this source here:

The soundtrack was never commercially available as far as I know. Composer was a Filipino guy, Vicente 'Tito' Sotto, who also composed the soundtrack for a whole string of movies and tv shows in the 70's. Dude is a famous tv presenter actor, composer, and a senator in the Philippines. He did the TNT Jackson soundtrack for Cirio H. Santiago, a big Filipino producer/director who did a few cross over kung fu exploitation flicks with an exotic locale for infamous b movie mogul Roger Cormans' New World Pictures in the 70's. Santiago and Corman also did a kung fu stewardess flick together, back to back with TNT Jackson, called Fly Me. which also has a very ill soundtrack.
The soundtrack score is killer and very funky. I would consider this a prime example of what Blax-Fu music is. Driven by the flute with a classic funky blaxploitation sound of the base guitar is pure enjoyment. 


Sweetback said...

I know the post dates back quite a bit, but i'd love to get this unofficial OST if someone still has it.
Thanks a bunch !

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