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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Deadly Art of Survival (1979)

  • Arthur Abrams
  • Beth B.
  • Rosetta Campbell
Before transgressive poseurs overran the scene, this "No Wave" feature from writer-director Charlie Ahearn was one of NYC's earliest, most entertaining blasts of underground, do-it-yourself filmmaking. It's raw, unpretentious and also delivers loads of badass craziness on a food-stamp-level budget. Inspired by old school Deuce martial arts flicks, Ahearn grabbed a home movie camera, rounded up a bunch of black and Puerto Rican amateurs from the nearby projects and made his own threadbare kung fu feature! Once finished, he trucked the movie and his Super-8 projector to South Bronx and Lower East Side venues, occasionally preceded by a live karate or wrestling performance. A couple years later, Ahearn (a white dude) produced and directed the groundbreaking rap/graffiti feature WILD STYLE. more.


DL said...

Yo, Self! Dragonetta again... Check out this recent photo I found online of Carl Scott!!!

DL said...

And look at old Bolo!

Self-Science said...

Nice photo of Carl! He still looks like an ass kicker. Dope.

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