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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This is my absolute favorite sub-genre of blaxploitation. I am going to need the help of the blaxploitation community, but I think this will be a fun project for all.

Certain movies (i.e. Sung Dragon (1979))  did not quite make the list as a blaxploitation movie mainly because it is more kung fu oriented versus a blaxploitation flick. So I met with the Blax-Pride committee and the suggestion of blax-fu was brought to my attention. This is a solid way to combine blaxploitation and kung-fu into one sub-genre of blaxploitation. Blax-Fu features material art stars like Ron Van Clief, Jim Kelly, Clint Robinson, Warhawk Tanzania, and Carl Scott.

Ron Van Clief
Jim Kelly
Carl Scott

I have a preliminary list of blax-fu that will be updated accordingly. Contributions are always welcome because this project has some rare gems.

If there are more than can be added then please let me know. I also got some funky tunes from the movies that I would like share as well. Enjoy!


Jean said...

Hi Self-science!
Here are two others movies starring Ron Van Clief as himself :

The Superweapon (1976)
A bit boring but stars Ron, Charles Bonnet, and many black fighters

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (1980)
Fake documentary about Burce Lee's death and a tournament supposed to determine it's successor. It also features Fred Willimason and Adolph Ceasar (from Soldier's Story).

You can easily download both of them with Ant video downloader, an add-on to Mozilla that catch most of streaming videos.

SelfScience said...

Thanks Jean! I completely be forgetting about Fist of Fear. It was one of the first movies I ripped, but it was so terrible that it slipped by me.

I have the DVDrip so I will put that up. As far as Superweapon I will grab the You tube video. Thanks for the heads up on these movies.

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