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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bad, Black, and Beautiful (1975)


  • Gwen Barbie
  • Sammy Sams
  • Levi Balford
  • Luke Ward
A quiet but windy afternoon is suddenly shattered by the crack of a rifle shot. A man falls and a woman screams.

Then you see the title, "BAD, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL". A couple making love are interrupted by a phone ringing. The phone is answered by Eva Taylor, a beautiful black attorney. Her bed partner Is a U.S. Senator. Eva is asked to defend the man (Johnny Boyles) accused of killing Mr. Springer. (His ex-boss). Eva meets Johnny's girl, Paula in her office. Paula explains the circumstances that led to Johnny's arrest.

We flash back to Johnny In Vietnam and his return to a job that is no longer there. We then learn that Eva is a sports enthusiast. We see her winning a stock car race. Here she meets Mike Copeland, famous reporter. They start a love affair, which takes them on a series of events that constantly puts them in competition. Flying, boat-racing, etc. Meanwhile at the palatial home of Eldon Spencer, local mob chieftain, we learn that Tony, Mr.

Springer's son-in-law Is the real murderer and that the mob is heavily involved. Fearful that Eva's prowess as an attorney may get Boyles off and that the police would start looking for the murderer elsewhere, the mob plans an attempt on Boyles life to close the case.

This failing, Spencer tries to bribe Eva with $25,000.00 to throw the case. Eva leaves him thinking that she may. Spencer not trusting Eva, puts two hit-girls on her tail. We now meet Mike's wife, Ginny. She comes to Eva to ask her to give Mike up. Eva tells Ginny that she is also in love with Mike and can make him happier. Johnny Boyles comes to trial and Eva uses every trick in the book including her feminine charms with the judge to get an acquittal. The verdict comes in Not Guilty. A hit man is in the courtroom and opens fire, getting killed. Tony is also in the courtroom and gets killed. Spencer is mad and a chase scene takes place where Spencer and the rest of his mob are killed.

Eva goes off with Rich Jacobs, private detective who helped save her. Eva meets Mike to break off their relationship. Ginny is waiting and she and Mike reconcile as Eva drives away with Rich. This motion picture is loaded with much action. We see 13 killings, including a heavy Kung Fu fight. Believable acting, excellent music, and proves to be good celluloid entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Very nice my friends. But I can't find a link for this one...

Anonymous said...

I was in this movie as one of the hitman / killers in the warehouse Kung Fu scene. The movie actually came out in 1975.

Self-Science said...

Awesome Anonymous! I will take your word as a valid resource and change the year. Thanks!

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