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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Zebra Force [a.k.a. Code Name Zebra] (1976)

As the war is nearing an end, the commander of a crack commando team steps on a land mine and is seriously injured. During his lengthy recovery, he masterminds a plan of retaliation to compensate for the sacrifices and hazards that he and his men have suffered in front-line warfare.

Although their post-war activities are highly illegal, they embark on a personal battle against organized crime, utilizing their military training with deadly precision.

The underworld is not without its defenses, however, and they trap a member of the Zebra Force, torturing him into revealing information. Will the underworld off Zebra Force emerge victorious in the high-stakes battle?


Anonymous said...

Code name Zebra & Zebra Force are two different movies. one is a continuation of the other. only 2 of the cast are the same.....

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