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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Place Called Today (1972)


In a mid-sized industrial city suffering from racial unrest, police shoot and kill a black radical while he is bombing a bank. Learning of the death, idealistic black attorney Randy Johnson decides to run in the upcoming mayor's race in the hope of addressing the city's underlying problems. Meanwhile, Randy's white campaign staffer Carolyn Schneider is distraught that her convictions about working for social equality conflict with the beliefs of her lover Ron Carton, an apolitical television news producer. Unwilling to tolerate Carolyn's political work, Ron is openly having an affair with Cindy, the promiscuous, spoiled daughter of Alex Cartwright, a financier who controls Ron's television station and mayoral incumbent Ben Atkinson's campaign. In the days leading up to the election, Randy and Carolyn enlist two radicals, one black and one white, to perform deliberate acts of sabotage to scare the public into voting for Randy. Although the militants' ultimate goal is to destroy the whole political system, they reluctantly agree to help. Days later, Randy holds a news conference to announce his bid for mayor as an independent candidate concentrating on equality, housing, education and jobs. He also promises to stop the escalating violence, explaining that he understands the frustration that leads the public to lash out. Soon after, the radicals, following Randy's orders, blow up the Carlyle building construction site and murder the watchman. That night, Ron questions Randy and Carolyn, insinuating that the violent act is suspiciously well-timed with Randy's claim that he can solve the unrest. That weekend, Ron and Carolyn vacation together in the country, where Carolyn asks Ron to respect her political ideals, but Ron remains unmoved by her pleas. Meanwhile..........


Scott Is NOT A Professional said...

That is one hell of a poster, though. These movies sure knew how to draw you in.

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