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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hollywood Shuffle (1987)


  • Robert Townsend
  • Craigus R. Johnson
  • Helen Martin
  • Starletta DuPois
An actor limited to stereotypical roles because of his ethnicity, dreams of making it big as a highly respected performer. As he makes his rounds, the film takes a satiric look at African American actors in Hollywood.


Kliph Nesteroff said...

Has anybody tracked down a copy of Hangup (1974) AKA Super Dude yet?

detroitkingpin said...

Is there anyway to re-up this movie??? Truly one of the best!

SelfScience said...

I honestly don't know. The Black Cinema movies are on the lowest priority list for re-ups. It could be several months before I even get to those.

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