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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In The Heat Of The Night (T.V. Series) [Season 1] (1988)

  • Carroll O'Connor
  • Alan Autry
  • David Hart
  • Hugh O'Connor
  • Howard E. Rollins Jr.
  • Anne-Marie Johnson
  • Geoffrey Thorne
  • Crystal R. Fox
  • Dee Shaw
  • Randall Franks
  • C.C. Taylor
  • Denise Nichola
Based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name, this series provided a hopeful, yet honest look at life in the new South. Set in the fictional Sparta, Mississippi, the show was a marvelous blend of heartfelt drama and folksy humor. It portrayed both the professional and personal pursuits of Sparta P.D's officers. Series star Carroll O'Connor, in a role far removed from Archie Bunker, served as executive producer. Using the pen name Matt Harris, Mr. O'Connor was also the story editor and wrote many of the episodes.

Season 1 Episode Guide


Anonymous said...

I truly appreciate this website. Everyone esp. the Admins are exceptionallly helpful in uploading rare to find movies. I do have a request though-can someone find or upload the move SCOTT JOPLIN [1977] starring Billy Dee Williams?
The Link is here
Here is a youtube clip

The STING MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK FROM 1973 showcases this genius and his ragtime music.
PS-I will try and find the link and post it if no-one else can in due time.PEACE!

Anonymous said...

Another documentary
BADASSSSS CINEMA about the blaxploitaton era

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