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Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Love Of Ivy (1968)


  • Sidney Poitier
  • Abbey Lincoln
  • Beau Bridges
  • Carroll O'Connor
This is a great film starring Sidney Poiter as Jack Parks, who runs a gambling racket in a large van which is always on the move and he is beloved by all kinds of females who find him very attractive and sexy. It just so happens that a White family has a female Black female servant named Ivy Moore, (Abbey Lincoln) who is very attractive and has been with the family for over nine years of service. Ivey decides she wants to leave their employ and the family becomes very upset and Mr. Frank Austin, (Carroll O'Connor) decides something has to be done to keep Ivy from leaving. The family arranges for Ivy to meet Jack Parks who is a friend of the family and desires to become a match making family to get these two people together in order to keep their family maid still in the family service. There is plenty of comedy and funny situations which makes this a great story created by Sidney Poitier and he gives an outstanding performance along with a great supporting actress, Abbey Lincoln. Enjoy.


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