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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

D.C. Cab (1983)


  • Max Gail
  • Adam Baldwin
  • Mr. T
  • Charlie Barnett
  • Gary Busey
They just don't make 'em like D.C. CAB anymore. Many filmgoers will see that as a good thing, but this blatantly '80s ensemble comedy is surprisingly entertaining. The lesser of the Baldwin brothers, Adam, stars as an ambitious young southerner who journeys to the Capital in hopes of breaking into the cab business. He's greeted by a memorable cast of zanies, including future notables such as Mr. T, Gary Busey and Bill Maher. It's not exactly Oscar calibre stuff, but the plot takes interesting twists and turns as the film plows along at a brisk pace. True, some of the humor is crude, yet the movie has an undeniable, cheesy charm. Directed by Joel Schumaker, D.C. CAB is lots of fun, but not necessarily lots of funny.


Anonymous said...

the scene where the stripper who works at a topless joint has her panties full of cash ripped off by gary busey so she chases him to the outside butt-naked was hilarious, nice ass!

Nick Ahlhelm said...

One quick note, Adam isn't actually a Baldwin brother. I do fondly remember seeing this movie when I was far too young to be watching it.

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