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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Split (1968)

"Crime is our business."

No wonder they're happy. They just stole a half-million dollars in front of a hundred-thousand
witnesses... But watch what happens when it's time for The Split!

A man McClain is tasked with planning the robbery of a sports coliseum after a big game. He recruits four men. They pull the job without a hitch. When they ponder on where to keep the money McClain suggests they leave it with Ellie, his girlfriend. When she is killed and the money is gone. Everyone wonders what happened. And they assume that McClain knows where the money is but he doesn't. They rough him up but McClain escapes and tries to find out what happened. He thinks the cop investigating the robbery and Ellie's death knows more than he is letting on.
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Quincy Jones - The Split (1968)


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