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Friday, February 12, 2010

Disco 9000 [a.k.a. Fass Black] (1977)


Fass Black (John Poole, Death Drug) owns the Disco 9000, a neon-lit penthouse dance club that’s one of the top nightspots in Los Angeles. He also owns Disco 9000 Records, a successful label that provides the music for this venue. A rival mogul ascertains that his company can’t get a hit record in the Los Angeles market without exposure at the Disco 9000, but he fails to convince Black to play his company’s records at the club. So his goons make life difficult for Black...


Unknown said...

Appreciate the contribution of this one. been looking for it for years, but there are (2) Part 4 download links. Puts everything to a dead halt. Could someone change this please?

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