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Monday, January 18, 2010

Tongue (1976)

  • Brigitte Maier
  • Al Poe
  • Margo
  • Dudley Dare
  • Tasty Freeze

“You've had throat, you've seen jaws, you can’t afford to miss tongue”

The first major black erotic film.

“First erotic film to inspire an original soundtrack in brilliant sexaphonic sound.”
Pornographic Blaxploitation. Quasi, a Black man with a 9 inch tongue lives alone with a pet frog.
Since his girl friend left him 2 years ago he has become mute and used by everyone. While
playing chess by himself on a park bench he is humiliated by a young woman. He's then sexually
taken advantage of by his gay doctor whose nurse hooks him up with her nymphomaniac friend
Cherry, played by Briggite Maier, who then proceeds to have her friend Nancy over for a
threesome. He constantly dreams of his ex and holds his pet close to a ceramic frog as if to
symbolize the meaningless of it all. He walks alone on the beach and stops to stare at a young
black couple lying on a towel. The man threatens him and chases him away. He picks some
flowers intending to go back to Brigitte's place but when he arrives an orgy in process. He walks
along the beach and goes home only to see his ex with a white man.
Written by

A mute man gets hooked up with some swingers when they notice how big his tongue is. Throughout the film, we see this man, and others, engage in sexual activities. Briggitte Maier stars in this as well, though it doesn't do her justice. There's a bit of a story, and it's actually quite interesting. This guy hears a voice in his head, always talking down to him, perhaps it's his own voice. He has a pet frog, who he is always stroking, and he also plays chess throughout the whole film. Kind of unusual, and I guess he was a murderer in his past, but it's kind of confusing and hard to figure out, and not really worth figuring out anyway.

This movie was very badly filmed. During the sex scenes I couldn't even tell what was going on, it just looked like a jumbled archaic mess of limbs. There was absolutely nothing sexy about this film. The color was really bad too, and was made even worse by the fact that nearly everyone in it was black, so sometimes it just looks like dark shapeless figures. The soundtrack was decent in this, and I was impressed to even hear a theremin used in some of the music. Overall, this movie sucked. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

There's a Briggitte Maier Collection DVD that was released by Alpha Blue Archives. It not only contains two other films starring Briggitte, but it also contains the soundtrack to this film.
by Morton Grimp
I just watched Tongue and found it pretty fascinating--a rare porn film in which I kept wishing there was less sex (the scenes are unstimulating and dull) and more of the bizarre, solipsistic storyline. Quasi's isolation comes across vividly, and the internal monologues are demented genius--"That's all you got, nigga, a motherfucking frog." If some closeups of Brigitte Maier's crotch were cut and replaced with more location shots of Quasi's alienated strolling, I could honestly (well, almost) see this playing alongside Killer of Sheep or Ganja and Hess as a forgotten arthouse classic of 1970s black cinema.
by Caz Vincent

Provided by Cinemageddon user Smegma thru Funkback

Link to soundtrack review
Roger Hamilton Spotts - Tongue (1976)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I must see this. Is it hardcore?

Mr. Wone said...

I had a healthy, heaping serving of my own words in an eight course meal last night, Funk.

There it is.


Heh, black porn is comin';) It's a very rare film. I've tryed to find it couple of years ago, without any result.
Next in the list of blaxyporn is "Hot Summer In The City" - realy baaad and truly blaxy hardcore shit from 1976. It was released on dvd few years ago by Alpha Blue Archives Studio. The rip is available on CG.

Niva Ruschell said...

My name is Niva Ruschell, I am the writer/producer of "Tongue". I am also an actress who performed the opening scene of Melvin Van Peebles' "Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song", with a then 13 yr. old Mario Van Peebles. I have currently written a novel titled "And Hollywood Be Her Name", it is a fictionalized account of my experience as an actor and producer in the 1970's. My novel will be available on and ebooks the 1st week of December.

Self-Science said...

Hi Niva!! Wonderful job on your Blax career. We here at BP appreciate your commitment. Your novel will be gladly welcomed on BP. Please stay in touch with us. Thanks for coming by. hope you are enjoying the site

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