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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coming To America (1988)


  • Eddie Murphy
  • Arsenio Hall
  • James Earl Jones
  • John Amos
  • Madge Sinclair
  • Shari Headley
  • Don Ameche
  • Louie Anderson
  • Paul Bates
  • Allison Dean
  • Eriq La Salle
  • Calvin Lockhart
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway
  • Frankie Faison
  • Vondie Curtis-Hall
It must take a lot of hard work to play multi characters film,and the hard work of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall really pay off.They take a very unique idea for a film,play most of the characters in it,and the results are nothing short of hilarious.Murphy plays (among others), Prince Akeem of Zumunda.Akeem,discouraged with the arranged marriage tradition of his beloved country,seeks to find the true meaning of love in America.The typical fish out of water style here is worked to perfection by Murphy,as well as Hall.Also excellent are James Earl Jones(as always),and Madge Sinclair as King Jaffe and Queen Aoleon, Akeem's parents.Jones and Sinclair would later portray husband and wife again 6 years later,as the parents of Simba in The Lion King,a little trivia for those of you who may not have known.There is a clever tie-in involving Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy,portraying their characters from another Murphy film,Trading Places.A unique story,great character acting and a great supporting cast make Coming to America great fun to watch.


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