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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Laurin Rinder & W. Michael Lewis - In Search of... Themes & Music OST (1977)

Funky with disco & prog rock leanings score for the television series.

1. Time Traveler (8:26)
2. A Taste of Ghosts (0:52)
3. Phenomena Theme (5:59)
4. An Atlantean Dream (6:25)
5. The Rise & Fall of Vlad Dracula (8:01)
6. In Search of... (Main Title Theme) (5:20)
7. Nazca Lines (2:58)
8. Easter Island Suite (2:50)
9. Afterthought (2:22)

Thanks Isbum


Anonymous said...

Holy friggin' crap!! I've been looking for this music for 15 years. My buddy scored Rip16mm of "In Search of: Bigfoot". We watched it, and it was AWESOME!!! I demanded to see who did the music, and we freeze framed on the names of two gentlemen I googled, which led me here. I "heart" the internet.

Thank you, You rock!!!


Bigcee66 said...

Can you reupload this thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please re-up. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I also join to the pledge above, please re-up. Its been years since i've listened to this theme.

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