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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mean Johnny Barrows (1975)

Johnny Barrows (Fred Williamson, Black Cesar) is a Vietnam vet who received a dishonorable discharge and is now unemployed and living on the streets of Los Angeles. A mobster (Stuart Whitman) offers him a job in the syndicate to kill the rival drug-running DaVinci family (led by Roddy McDowall, PLANET OF THE APES). This classic blaxploitation action film co-stars Luther Adler (CRAZY JOE), Mike Henry (TARZAN AND THE VALLEY OF GOLD), Leon Isaac Kennedy (PENITENTIARY), and Elliott Gould (MASH).


Keith said...

This is one of those Fred Williamson movies that I've never seen, but I've always wanted to though.

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting this one up. the last fight is beyond epic.

(fred williamson is one bad dude)

DefChef said...

Another great one..thanks for keeping one of my fave blogs up and running!

Marc Edward Heuck said...

I'm hoping you already got the word, but MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS is finally getting a widescreen DVD release courtesy of Code Red, in it's full-length version! Street date is March 16th!

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