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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dynamite Brothers (1974)

Los Angeles is turned into a war zone when a Chinese smuggler tries to take control of the city's illegal gambling and flood the streets with deadly drugs. Two fearless fighters- one a Hong Kong martial arts expert and the other from the mean streets of Watts- band together using their fighting skills to stop him. The Dynamite Brothers have come to town, and once they're through, the city will never be the same.


DefChef said...

Say what you will about Al Adamson's sense of aesthetics, but he did a lot for kung fu movies, biker movies, horror, AND he put some of the hottest 60s/70s mini-skirt wearers in the world in his movies, effectively letting them live forever and letting us guys of the future get a real lesson in why the mini-skirt is way, way hotter than this b-s tights-as-pants trend that's blowing up all over the place. But anyway! The soundtrack to this is fanfukkentastic, so thanks for posting it.

Also: Al was beaten to death by his live-in contractor (?!?) in a Brian Jones-style murder that you can read all about here:

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