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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lialeh aka Black Lialeh aka Black Deep Throat (1973)

  • Jennifer Leigh
  • Lawrence Pertillar
  • Amy Mathiew
  • John D. Montgomery
  • Bernard "Pretty" Purdie
  • Darryl Speer
  • Andrea True
He's slick. He's hard. He's bad... and that's good for LIALEH.
The movie (also know as "The Black Deep Throat") is about a girl named
Lialeh who wants to make it as a soul singer. Legendary drummer Bernard
"Pretty" Purdie composed, produced and performed Lialeh's score, while
between projects with Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, The Last Poets,
The Rolling Stones, James Brown.
Lialeh is a hard-fisted super action, sexy adult film. Enter Arlos
world. He's doing a show and Lialeh wants the lead role. Jennifer Leigh,
as Lialeh, is a hot beautiful and erotic woman. She knows what she
wants and has all the right moves to make it happen. Arlo, played by
Lawrence Pertillah, is the "Shaft" of XXX movies. Don't miss the very
first black XXX film! This is the one that broke the ice for future
black XXX movies. A true collector's item.

Provided by Cinnemageddon user oldschool thru Funkback

Link to soundtrack review
 Bernard "Pretty Purdie - Lialeh (1973)


Visuals said...

Nice post! I was listening to the soundtrack for this flick last weekend and remember thinking how I'd always heard about the film but never had the chance to see it. Thanks for making it possible as always.

Keith said...

This is a really cool post. I've heard of this film before, but never had a chance to see it.

culov said...

bernard purdie is the man. ive been interested in checking out this movie because i love the soundtrack so much. peace

Ego said...

Yeah well, the movie's not that great. Compared to the fabulous soundtrack, it's a bit of disapointing but hey,let's say it's a nice retro ponr movie.

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