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Friday, January 9, 2009

How To Eat Your Watermelon In White Company (And Enjoy It) (2005)

  • Mario Van Peebles
  • Spike Lee
  • Gordon Parks
  • Gil-Scott Heron
  • Woodie King, Jr.

I thought about it for a minute....... nah! I could conjure some clever unique style of critique of this film but I won't even do it.

The genuine article at best talks about his exploits better than anyone could but his children, business partners and key women in his life account for a few pivotal moments that is sure to blow your mind to what "MVP" has accomplished beyond what the general public acknowledges him for.

For any of you who do check this out, please share your amazement at how much of a fearless maverick, revolutionary artist and master marketer this Man was and is to this "Blaxploitation" movement we document and towards "The Movement of movement" in general. This doc is a Baaadaaassss Song of an equally incomparable badass Brother.


G. Clinton said...

Great submission. Thanks for this. Sidenote: I think you meant Melvin Van Peebles, not Mario (the son).

Peace and keep up the solid work.

the saucer people said...

More links dead! This time it is the sad turn of the Melvin Van Peebles documentary 'How To Eat Your Watermelon In White Company (And Enjoy It)' - the initial link to the notepad files still works, it is the four RS links on the notepad file itself that are dead.

international social revolution said...

sadly that's right... anyone out there got the film about mumia abu jamal?

international social revolution said...

waggonloads of thanks!

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