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Monday, December 22, 2008

Right On! (1970 film)

  • Felipe Luciano
  • Gylan Kain
  • David Nelson
I can get long-winded turning these posts into essays from the inspiration and creative kick that ensues after viewing or listening to any of the pricelessness we share here............. but this???
The Last Poets?
Right On?
Could there be anything more anthemic to the culture?
The cool?
The way they lay "high" in the cut?
Give me a second as I take a moment of silence to the prized performances from these powerful prophets.
Right On! for a long time was thought to have not existed and is often referred to as a documentary and/or film when actually what it is is a long-form video from the album of the same name.
(Funkback posted a detailed review from The Times on the left hand side in the C-box about it.)
In my view, I see them skyhigh on the rooftops and city blocks and stairsteps spittin' The Last Breaths on all issues and views that we have swirling around our gray matter today kicking out the classics from the 1970 album which lends to the question why don't all spoken word artists make long-form videos of their work?
Many answers I'm sure as to why it doesn't jump off. One of them being they have to be as cold-blooded as these brothers are/were/forever shall be to keep your attention and to spark your mindframe enough to shatter it from all four corners.
This is that rare flavor once again in B.P.
(The quality of the file isn't optimal enough to justify screen captures)
Get in.
Mr. Wone

Link to soundtrack review:
The Last Poets - Right On!


Dragonetta said...

I *know* that I blew all of your minds when I came up with this rip. :D

lilbobby2012 said...

Thanks so much this is a for sure rare treasure. Saw a piece some years ago

the saucer people said...

Damn! the links to the legendary Last Poets 'Right On' film are dead! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this posted (having been a huge Last Poets fan ever since seeing the 1970 film Performance as a teenager many moons ago which features a Last Poets track on the soundtrack)...and now I am almost weeping...please repost the links if you can as it seems such a shame for this film to be rescued from the memory hole only for it to return.

Nearly all the links to the films in the documentary section are dead - have you thought of putting them up online at Veoh/StageVu or my personal favourite "" which allows you to upload and watch really high quality videos one gig plus and unlike Veoh you don't need no extra software...then of course there are video sharing sites like videoweed etc but veehd is good because it allows you to download in the original file sizes

embedding these videos on your site may be a good way to go...just a thought!

Lupine Assassin said...

Please re-up this one. Thanks.

SelfScience said...


Lupine Assassin said...

Thank you!

Dirk Bill said...

I have been looking for a copy of this everywhere. I can't even buy one used. Everybody's links are dead. I'm wondering if this even exists. Can you re-re-up?

SelfScience said...

Email me please Dirk.

Wil E Wil said...

I always wanted to see this. I saw that clip on youtube with Felipe doing 'Hey Now' and NYC backdrop like how I remember it. I would appreciated it if you could send this to me or point me to where I can get this vid.

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