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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Norman... Is That You? (1976)

  • Redd Foxx
  • Pearl Bailey
  • Dennis Dugan
  • Michael Warren
  • Tamara Dobson
  • Vernee Watson-Johnson

Even though this movie came out a year before I was born, it is
definitely one of my favorite comedies. It stars Redd Foxx as a father
who tries to understand his son's homosexuality. Like most parents, he
doesn't know a thing about what it means to be gay and has all of
these stereotypical notions of what gay people are like. His son,
Norman, is now grown up and living on his own. When his father, Ben,
finds out that his son is gay, he pays his son a visit in hopes of
changing him. The title comes from one of the funniest lines in the
movie--when Ben gets to Norman's apartments he runs into a female
prostitute and thinks it's his son in drag ("Norman... Is that you?").

Provided by Cinemageddon user Dragonetta thru Funkback

No soundtrack review yet, but according to the poster there are at least two songs issued by Smokey Robinson and Thelma Houston respectively available from Motown so help us by keeping an eye out for these!


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