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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mandingo (1975)


Warren Maxwell (James Mason) and his son Hammond (Perry King) rule their plantation and its inhabitants with an iron fist. Warren needs to see Hammond wed a woman from a respectable family, sire a son, and acquire a Mandingo slave (Ken Norton) to breed a stronger slave colony. Hammond finds that respectable woman in his bride, Blanche (Susan George), but her questionable chastity soon has Hammond returning to his wandering ways. When he purchases the beautiful Ellen (Brenda Sykes) to be a house slave and his mistress Blanche is pushed to the edge.


Anonymous said...

lol this movie sure knows how to piss a brotha off.

Scott Is NOT A Professional said...

A massively underrated film. One of the best of the '70s. (Yes, I'm serious.)

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