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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get Christie Love! (1974)

  • Teresa Graves
  • Harry Guardino
  • Louise Sorel
  • Paul Stevens
Get Christie Live is a mild but pretty likable 70's TV movie that was the pilot for an apparently short lived show. It stars Teresa Graves as a feisty black female police officer, searching for a ledger with details of a local kingpins drug operation. Its not a terribly thrilling film,nor does it provide the sleazy kicks or gritty intensity of the best crime thrillers of the era on account of its TV movie status, but it is perfectly watchable, with some decent performances and a few exciting moments. As well as Teresa Graves, Harry Guardino (appeared in one or other Dirty Harry picture) and Paul Stevens are those who I recollect being good. Guardino is Graves' flirtatious superior and Stevens plays the bad guy, who seems pleasant enough as far as evildoers go and in a nice character quirk, wants to move into film distribution, particularly samurai pictures. Graves is the real highlight here though, keeping the whole film afloat with her fresh, energetic portrayal, convincingly badass at times when she has to take out various goons and quite funny. The plot isn't all that interesting and just about enough to fill the short running time, whilst the film ends about exactly when it should. I can't say I was bowled over by this film but its pretty fun as far as this sort of thing goes and had I seen it when it originally aired I probably would have wanted to check out the rest of the series, so I guess it does its job. Worth checking out if you have the time but not something to search too hard for or get hyped up up about.


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