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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alabama's Ghost (1973)


A Criswell-esque narrator speaks of magic hash-hish, nazis, a vanishing elephant, and black coffins while smoke drifts over vast constellations. And so it begins! Alabama (the smooth ‘n’ manic Christopher Brooks) works as a jack-of-all trades at Turk Murphy’s dixieland jazz club. After a stumble down the basement steps, fate smiles. For Alabama discovers the belongings of old magician Carter The Great, and subsequently becomes an overnight sensation for “bringing the magic to a new generation!” Of course, fame does not come without foibles. Remember the magic hash-hish? The elephant? The vampires? Yep. They’re all here. And they all spell trouble for our hero.


Self-Science said...

part two was missing, so now its fixed!

Eyes and Teeth said...

You have no idea how long I have been looking for this movie!

Anonymous said...

Crazy plot with a evil mastermind that reminds me of another evil mastermind in some more recent movies involving some spies. Wonder if the ideas came from here.

Matthew Jaworski said...

If anybody's interested, I just uploaded the complete film to Youtube...

Feel free to embed it in the blog.
Killer movie!

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