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Friday, October 24, 2008

Train Ride to Hollywood Aka Night Train (1975)


Harry Williams, member of the rhythm & blues band, Bloodstone, is about to go onstage for a concert when he is hit on the head. The rest that follows is his dream. The four band members become conductors on a train filled with characters and (impersonated) actors from the 1930s, such as W.C. Fields, Dracula, and Scarlett O'Hara. Various songs are featured. The singing conductors are obliged to solve a mystery; Marlon Brando is murdering Nelson Eddy, Jeanette McDonald and others by suffocating them in his armpits. A wacky funeral, a fight with a gorilla, and the threat of being turned into a wax museum figure are all part of Harry's dream. 


Stretch said...

Thanks for the files. Appreciate your hard work!

jahcisco said...

Thanks for the movie. Much appreciated.

Lupine Assassin said...

Please re-post the link for this film. Thank you.

Unknown said...

If you are interested in purchasing this movie and others like it, I actually found this one Train Ride to Hollywood on and also have it on Ebay. Good Luck!

You can also go to and type in various rare / out of print movies and find a lot of them there too!

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