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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Honeybaby, Honeybaby aka Three Days in Beirut (1974)

  • Calvin Lockhart
  • Diana Sands
  • Seth Allen
  • J. Eric Bell
  • Brian Phelan
  • Bricktop
  • Thomas Baptiste
Interpreter Laura Lewis (the delightful Diana Sands) wins a free trip
to Lebanon. Her mischievous brother Skiggy (affable J. Eric Bell) and
whiny TV show host Sam (the amusingly smarmy Seth Allen) tag along.
Laura winds up becoming involved in an international plot concerning
the assassination of a top African leader. Suave mercenary Liv
(a nicely smooth turn by Calvin Lockhart) befriends Laura and comes to
her rescue. Competently directed by Michael Schultz, with a groovy
score by Michael Tschudin, a steady pace, pleasing chemistry between
Sands and Lockhart, pretty, picturesque cinematography by Andreas
Bellis, a light, breezy tone, occasional outbursts of thrilling action,
beautiful locations, a funky, throbbing theme song, engaging characters,
and solid acting from a personable cast (Tomas Baptiste in particular
does well as the coolly malevolent head bad guy General Christian
Awani), this picture makes for a nice little diversion.

Provided by the everbeautiful Dragonetta

Link to soundtrack review:

Various Artists Produced By Carl L. Maults-By - Honey Baby, Honey Baby (1975)


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AWESOME!!! I didn't know about this one.

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Awesome PaaaaaaAGE, NANAH come on and Raaise UPH, AND COME AND HOLY KISS MY PUSSY

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