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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dusty Fingers Collection [Volume 5 - 8 of 15 Volumes]

"Solstice" - Brian Bennett
"Algebrique" - Shoche
"Signals" - Gerhard Trede And His Electronic Instuments
"Mixed Drums" - Andy Loore
"Love Sounds" - Intimate Strangers
"Railroad" - Monk Higgins
"Caccia Al Cinese" - Franco Mincalizzi
"Soft Wind" - Gary Pacific Orchestra
"Attention [drum skit]" - Head West
"Jane B" - Jane Birkin
"Bass in Action" - Toni Rubio
"Dirty Drugs" - H. Thieme


Volume 6

"Power of the Drums [intro]"
"Under Pressure" - Nick Ingman
"La Dimo Strzione" - Danielle Patucci
"Silhouttes" - Dick Walter
"Compression" - Ed Scogillera
"Crossing The Border" - Jerry Gold Smith
"Big Noise From Winnetka" - Eric Delaney
"Future Past" - Absolute Elsewhere
"Here We Are" - Churchill
"Tibetian Serenity" - Travis Biggs
"Dancer" - Spacey
"Mao" - Joe Ki Peter Tomas Sound Group
"Outro #1 [drum skit]"
"Outro #2 [drum skit]"


Volume 7

"Who Is She and What Is She to You?" - Madelaine
"Rose Lens" - Lennie Hibbert
"Atlanta Inn" - Janne Schatter
"Space" - Tomorrow
"L'Oiseau" - Alain Goraguer
"Come Live With Me" - Dorothy Ashby
"Walter L" - Jimmy Gordon
"The Mudfoot" - Fat Albert
"Hey Jude" - Tuby Hayes
"Monday, Monday" - Wally Richardson
"Mickey Mouse Club" - Mike Curb Congregation
"The Godfather" - The Proffessionals
"Grigio Perla" - Gian Franco Pienzio
"We're Only Just Begun" - Grant Green


Volume 8

"Time Is Passing" - Sun
"Kriminal Theme" - Maleditus Sound
"The Climb" - Parry Music
"Les Caids" - Francois de Roubaix
"In Necessity" - Kerrie Biddell
"Cohet" - Ajijia Myrayebe
"Fat Fat Fellow" - Daniel Janin
"Roots" - Ian Carr
"Drums" - Niagra
"Gloaming" - L. Decosne
"The Tense Scene" - Alan Hawshaw
"Atlantis" - R.M.O.
"Trying Hard to Look Inside" - Waters
"Loving You Girl" - John Schroeder
"Fragment of Fear" - Sight & Sound


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