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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tough Guys [a.k.a. Three Tough Guys] (1974)


An ex-con priest, Father Charlie (Lino Ventura), and a framed ex-police officer, Lee (Isaac Hayes), are on the hunt for a murderer that is in search of one million dollars that is missing from a heist. One of the murdered victims' girlfriend, Fay (Paula Kelly), is believed to know where the loot is, so she looks to an arcade and bar owner, Joe Snake (Fred Williamson), to help her evade the people that are trying to kill her.


Anonymous said...

As a true admirer of Lino Ventura, I thank you for that one, man!!!

Silvers said...

Father Charlie is the best! Awesome movie.

anyathar said...

thanks a lot for this - been listening to that soundtrack for too long, and never seen the movie to go with it!

Isbum said...

New link for Isaac Hayes soundtrack here:

Anonymous said...

Any idea where to find this movie? Dying to watch it

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