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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Piece Of The Action (1977)


Dave Anderson (Bill Cosby, Man and Boy, Let's Do It Again) and Manny Durrell (Sidney Portier, In The Heat of the Night, Buck and the Preacher) are two high-class sneak thieves who have never been caught. Joshua Burke (James Earl Jones, The Man, Claudine) is a retired detective who has enough evidence on the both of them to put them behind bars. Instead, he offers to maintain his silence if the crooks will go straight and do work at a youth center for delinquents. At first, the crooks are reluctant and unwilling (and so are the kids). As time goes by they gain the trust and admiration of the kids and they start to enjoy the job. All goes well until someone out of the past tells them they have to do one last heist...or else...

Link to soundtrack review
Mavis Staples & Curtis Mayfield - A Piece of the Action (1977)


Mitechka! said...

my friend! it's quite seldom thing to meet mention about that film, that i'm looking hardly for so long . Please, let me know if you can oppurtunity to make it possible downloading it! i will very appreciate that.

Funkback said...

Hello Mitchenka I suggest You pay very close attention to the first word of the first word in the review. If You're stuck please don't hesitate to mail any of us. Good luck!

samsevern said...

Just watched this mutha tonight, n' I'm amazed how BAAADASSSSSSS all these Sidney Potier/Billy Cosby flicks ARE! The chemistry is tight, Potier's directing hand is super-firm yet supple when the scene demands, n' the supporting cast is OUTRAGEOUS ('specially the lovely Denise Nicholas, whom I never ever tire of!).....shit, baby, this is a goddamn cinematic CLASSIC!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for this film and the qualitity of this website. I'm always come back here when I need to learn something

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