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Friday, September 26, 2008

Hell Up in Harlem (1973)


Recovering from an onslaught of bullets that would have killed a lesser man, Tommy Gibbs is out for revenge against DiAngelo (Gerald Gordon, One Man’s Way), a sleazy New York District Attorney with mob ties who set up the hit-gone-wrong. Tommy, with the aid of his father, Papa Gibbs (Julius W. Harris, Super Fly) is soon on the mend and putting his Harlem empire back on track. But there’s a catch. Could Tommy’s near-death experience has changed the man who was once called the “Overlord of the Underworld”? Is redemption stronger than temptation? All will be revealed in the action-packed sequel to Black Caesar.


Silvers said...

One of the greatest films of all time!!!

[uzine] said...

Hi gave yer fine site a mention here:

Olskool4real said...

Definetly one of my best exploites 4 sure

Unknown said...

I love old black movies,there classic

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