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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fritz The Cat (1972)


A persiflage on the protest movements of the 60s. Its hero is the bold and sex-obsessed tom-cat Fritz the Cat, as created by the legendary underground artist Robert Crumb. Quitting university Fritz the Cat wanders through the hash, Black Panther and Hell's Angels scenes to find to himself.


Zen Tiger said...

I love this movie! I already have the DVD but I had to comment and leave a hearty recommendation for this wonderful flick. Great pick selfscience!

Not sure if you would be interested but i posted several of the original Fritz comics on my blog. Give a shout if you would care for them. (I also have tons of other Crumb stuff too - and a huge collection of Blax trailers that i ripped - great quality)

thanks again!

jahcisco said...

Thank you. Great cartoon.

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