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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Final Comedown (1972)

  • Billy Dee Williams
  • D'urville MArtin
  • Celia Kaye
  • Raymond St. Jacques

Blaxploitation pride's 300th post features Billy Dee Williams who stars as Johnny Johnson, a young black man with a promising future and an impatience for racism. This gets out of control when the job he applies for is given to a less qualified white man. As a result, he joins a radical civil rights group, and takes matters into his own hands through a violent revolution and ultimate confrontation with police.

Link to soundtrack review:
Grant Green-The Final Comedown (1972)


The Lion Man said...

amazing.thank you

Donna Lethal said...

Check out Billy's suave advice for AT&T:

RunawayTrane said...

solid gold post my brotha!!

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