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Friday, September 19, 2008

Emma Mae [a.k.a. Black Sister's Revenge] (1976)


A naive woman from the Deep South moves in with her Aunt and family in Watts, California. Initially finding herself at odds with her surroundings, Emma eventually gains acceptance from a local drug addict and dealer. But when he's arrested and jailed, she plans a daring bank robbery to bail him out...


El Conde de Montacristos said...

Thanks a lot for all this incredible work.

Ali Maltz said...

Hey I am going crazy, I have been trying to find the song from this movie, You know the Country Girl One. There is no Soundtrack, and I Checked there is no Credits for any of that kinda stuff. Since You are the King of Blaxploitation, I thought You would know? I would be happy to return the favor in the Shaw Brothers Department. Thanks So Much... Ali

Ket said...

Where can I download this movie from? I looked all over but I can't find a complete download in the internet. I am in greece and these things are hard to get. Any suggestions? Thanx a lot

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