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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bus Is Coming (1971)


Bus Is Coming is set in the ghetto of an American city on the eve of an almost-imminent race war. Joe Mitchell, a prominent and respected leader in the cause of civil rights, has been shot down in his home by local police. All the facts aren't in yet, but the Black Community is suspicious of the circumstances and fearful of the consequences of Joe's death. Some prefer to leave well enough alone, while other more militant members insist that Joe's death is the first step in the systematic killing of progressive Black Leaders.

“They liked my script – and it’s no Uncle Tom either.” – Horace Jackson


funkyleptik said...

you are definitly the best to make my day !!!!
great great thanks 2 all the team to share with us all those treasure

truelivin said...

Hey Selfsci< great post like always!!! Is their by any chance a soundtrack to this movie?

BusTard said...

Nice post. I will be looking out for a copy of this film. (After all, we are The Bus Bench, and all things bus are us!) I am curious if you know of another Blaxploitation film made round the same time, perhaps a year or two later, that was done in Los Angeles. There were exterior shots of Crossroads of The World (Sunset and Cherokke, when there was a record store across from it and the 7-11 that is there now) as well as down in South central along Crenshaw and Vermont. Bigoted LAPD white cops chasing down recently returned black war vets, and no happy ending for the most anyone involved. (One particular scene I recall involved a guy smashing one of the cops in the face with a shovel.) Sorry I cannot recall much more, but I am anxious to find this film again.

Anonymous said...

what's the first song of that movie (by Tom McIntosh?),

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