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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blackenstein (1973)


Eddie is a Vietnam veteran who loses his arms and legs when he steps on a land mine, but a brilliant surgeon is able to attach new limbs. Unfortunately an insanely jealous assistant (who has fallen in love with Eddie's fiance) switches Eddie's DNA injections, transforming him into a gigantic killer. 


Anonymous said...

alright, thanks alot!!
time to get funky...

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for your blog ,thanks to you i'm able to watch and hear a lot of unreleased stuff in France and i can go back in time watching some movies i saw in my youth ,i'm french and long live your blog

Anonymous said...

This blog is probably the best thing that ever happened since the invention of intermittent wipers. But there's no link to dl this movie. Thanks!

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