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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Youngblood (1978)


Michael is an African-American in his early teens who is being raised in South-Central Los Angeles by his single mother. Michael begins to stay away from school, and soon is hanging out with the street gang called the Kingsmen, where he is known as Youngblood. Michael respects the gang's leader Rommel who is a bitter Vietnam veteran who came home to rejoin the gang, and is realizing that he is too old for the lifestyle. Soon after Michael joins, the Kingsmen escalate their activities into an all-out war with local drug dealers. What Michael and the gang do not know is that his older brother is the head of the drug cartel.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get english subtitles for some of these movies? It would be nice! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Had the soundtrack for this on hold at my library, then some dipstick stole it. If I ever get it, will definitely drop a lossless copy for the family

Anonymous said...

the link is broken

nasoukikos said...

Got any similar movies to point to?
Thanks m8

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